Why I Choose Tridharma’s Tionghoa to My Research?

Actually, my theses was never taken from my passion. For the first time I wrote my theses about FKUB (Forum Kerukunan Umat Beragama), I never felt that the good idea as long as I am writing it. I was dissaponted that I can’t write my masterpice theses from my passion. At that time, my feeling told me that I can’t reach what I keen on.

For the first time, I challenge my self to write about artist reasearch. I am interesting in art, that’s why I choose it. In my opinion, artist is someone who have been huge different from others. They can see the rain from different view, when others see rain was fallen by science evidence, they could see that rain is hurt, love, missed, etc. So I think, God was creating them as flower which can breath and human that beyond the reality. That’s why I love music, theater, poems, painting, etc.

That’s not mean that I had done my reasearch with regret so I didn’t doing my best. That’s no no. I was doing my best for my research, althought that’s not make me satisfied, but I love the process when I was doing that Theses.

For now, I am doing research again for final task at post graduate. I choose about Chinese community’s religion, Tridharma. I think, not anybody knows about that religion. Someone must be knowing Tridharma is kind of university. But Continue reading “Why I Choose Tridharma’s Tionghoa to My Research?”