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What Thechnology Used For?

It has been long time that I am not writting here. Am I bussy? I think rather than busy I am becoming lazy. Yes, lazy comes to me as soon as my friends left me to do their own activity after graduate from university. I am continuing my study now to post graduate, if I have to compare my spirit with past, it’s huge different. Near-daily I ask to my self, what happen? And the answer always same that I need more friends.


Recently, I relized that nobody can live alone. In the robot era (technologi era) everybody become more and more lonely. They need some space to face to face with others because there are huge different between happines by technology and human. Sometime we need technology because we want to do something like arrogant to other, something like “hey dude, I have new iPhone, whats up with your phone? ha ha”. I think it’s better than we have technology to be alienating to others.

On the caffe, not only bowed head to smartphone but also we need a cup of coffee with bulshit story, nothing can do it but friends. In this beautiful earth, it is to huge to be enjoyed by self. We need more friends to write great story in our whole life.

This writing is to bring me to mind that friends is amazing things in our life. Although sometime we need to be alone, but friends is someone who always call us to mind that the word is beautiful.